Product & Design Conceptualization

We understand that every client’s positioning and needs are unique. With this in mind, we have endeavoured to provide focused care and attention to their requirements by making as close to possible customized products that aptly represent and communicate their brand. We take into consideration client-dictated parameters concerning the identity, budget, quantity, and delivery lead time in coming up with the best suited products that will effectively assist if not enhance in their corporate and brand messaging.

Sourcing & Procurement

We specialize in custom products and we undertake a rigid and selective process in order to recommend, provide, and give a complete solution to our customers that goes beyond obtaining satisfaction. Our sourcing goals are anchored on delivering the best product of highest quality and economy, thus, we take to heart brand and values to be able to determine the best company-product it for our clients.

Mould process & Manufacture

In ensuring that the products we offer are proprietary to our clients, it is part of our service to create moulds that bring to life these designs through continuous and active client engagement. For other products that do not require mould creation, however, the experience and exposure of our team can be well-capitalized to tap into comprehensive process in order to come up with a one-of-a-kind promotional item that satisfies our client’s taste and preferences. Our clients, therefore, are ensures that the manufacturing processes adhere to the rigid standards of accredited third party testing companies recognized globally.



GWI intends to be the preferred provider in the advertising specialties industry.

quality products

GWI will offer quality products that will add perceived value to our clients’ products or services.


GWI will work hard towards meeting the industry demand that products be delivered on time.